Screen Printing Price Guide

We like to provide our customers with good,  honest advice about different printing solutions.  That  way you get to choose what's best for your needs and your budget.


Screen printing is a great option when you need:

  • Larger quantities of around 50 or more T shirts with 10 colours or less.
  • Your logos are fairly simple with solid colours (not photographs)
  • You are not in a big hurry

Screen printing involves quite a lengthy setup procedure for each new design.   Most screen printing companies charge a minimum of $40 per colour in setup fees for each screen then on top of that there may well be artwork fees and finally a cost to print each garment as well.


Prices include:    

* Round neck, short sleeve T shirt, 

* Setup costs for each colour in the design

* Printing of shirts

Those cells marked as Digital indicate that digital printing is a lower cost option for that quantity and that number of printed colours.



Here's an example using our price guide:

You need 55 white shirts printed with a 3 colour design (Red, Blue, Green)

Look along the quantity row 51 to 75 for white shirts.   You will see the price where that row intersects with the 3 colour column.   In this example you would pay $15.41 + gst + shipping for each T shirt (Price includes round neck, short sleeve T shirt, setup and printing)


IMPORTANT - The same design if printed on a coloured garment requires a white underbase print (flood) before the colours are printed.  The white base makes the colour show up well but also means that this is now a 4 colour design.  You would use the coloured shirts chart then look along the 51 to 75 row where it meets with the white + 3 colours column.  In this example you would pay $17.65 per shirt.


Artwork for screen printing

The setup for screenprinting requires an outline (vector) artwork.  If you don't have vector art then we can accept a high quality bitmap image such as .BMP, .JPEG, .PNG or .TIFF.   However bitmaps images have to be re-created as vectors and will incur a conversion charge of $60.00 for everage logos.   Complex logos may be more expensive.


Want to know more?

You can use our on-line designer to upload your image to our website and see what it looks like on a T shirt.   Don't proceed to checkout.   Once you have uploaded your artwork - please contact us for a quote.

Digital printing is great for smaller quantities because it is cheaper and because we can produce much higher quality images like photographs.

Once you have uploaded your image, we can then check it and let you know if it is suitable for screen printing without any need for editing or artwork charges.

We can also help you with working out the costs.


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